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Incentives: the customer needs to achieve certain conditions can enjoy service policy.

1 quarter sales rebates, achieve quarterly sales target customers are available when the quarter HuiKuanE 2% sales reward (see the "century billion, product distribution agreement").

2 support activities, and get the recognition of our customers, every month century billion, according to the customer the situation of collection of payment, extract its HuiKuanE 1% as the customer of marketing fund, the client may apply for specific marketing activities according to need, after century billion, approved, can extract the fund is used for marketing activities. The funds belong to the company all, dedicated to regional customer spending by market activity, the client may in market activity funds is to act as payment for goods after the invoice for reimbursement. The funds are available this year only, monthly cumulative, not finished by the end of cost is zero.

3 human support, recognised by the company's customers, according to the need to apply to the century billion, sending station business to assist the market work, performed after the apply for company approval.

4 as countries strongly advocated the development of new energy, off-grid household power supply system, division of the grid system promoted, wind-light complementary system, solar household power gradually into homes in the new situation, the use of the solar wind in the different parts have different government support, subsidies, online electricity price subsidies, etc., as long as you choose to join WoMeng, our company provides not only the supply of the early prototype, will also help you to apply for the local government subsidy programs.

5 first order 3 million, my company support 30% of credit service, help dealers capital operation difficult。

6 is not good for sales of products can be replaced into selling product, if you originally ordered is solar power system, wind resource is good also, found your sales area, then, you can send your solar system change into wind-light complementary system, and products sold by you to use after a few years, along with the increase of the electrical equipment (such as the original power generation system is able to satisfy the lighting, watching TV, now want to increased use of electric rice cooker, found the original configuration can't meet the demand of now, our company in line with "snap - customer, want to - of the client," the purpose, according to this case, the research company, to launch "old change new" activities, benefit the customer, service activities of the people.

7 is the price advantage. Generally lower than the price of the same kind of product, competitive goods. The low price guarantee is the production cost is lower than others. My company's products all the elements are batch centralized purchasing, production and mass production, the compared with other manual small workshops, improves the efficiency and quality guaranteed, the products defective rate is greatly reduced, natural advantage in price there is a big difference.

8 our agents don't regularly for pre-sale, sale, after-sale technical aspects such as training, realize the localization service.

Preferential policies: sales in good condition and get approved by the company customers can enjoy the service policy.

1 prototype support, according to the actual needs of customers and sales status, century million, 2000 yuan - 20000 yuan amount of prototype support, place the sample for customer terminal, prototype ownership century billion company, customers can be at the end of the year to purchase or return the total amount to 70% of the prototype century company.

2 image building, according to customer needs, century million to give our customers the support of the store brand image to decorate cost support lines up to 50% of actual cost (in shenzhen decoration company accounting standards).

3 after sales policy, century million to give our customers 3 months or 90 days free in new product after-sales service support (specific see the century billion, product after-sales service agreement ").

Special policies:

1 products exclusive sales, sales in good condition of customer, if a product of century billion special recognition, can apply to the century billion, the model in a national or regional exclusive rights, exclusive sale model, century billion, is no longer supply conflicts with the customer sales area of the customer.

2 special support, in view of the customer sales in good condition, century million don't regularly offer certain special reward, such as a gift given, special events, etc.

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