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Nanjing 145 power grid photovoltaic power generation project

At 8 a.m. on September 7, 50 points, after 7 days of running, the province's first green power substation roof photovoltaic power station pilot project, nanjing zhujiang power substation 20 kw power projects have been successfully send 245.69 kilowatt hours of electricity to the grid, the station area of about 7000 users access the "green electricity".

On the roof of the pearl river power substation, the reporter saw yesterday, lined up pieces of solar panels. "The roof of about 3000 square meters, the installed capacity of 20 kw of distributed photovoltaic power generation, has been incorporated into the entire supply network in nanjing, the roof of electricity sold to 1 yuan/KWH to power supply company. In photovoltaic panels with a total area of 108.72 square meters or so, each photovoltaic panels area of 1.51 square meters. The project investment of 160000 yuan RMB, the design life of 25 years, the cumulative can generate 481690 KWH, 143 tons of standard coal saving, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, 480 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions 2.91 tons", nanjing power supply company Marketing Department chief says, basically the photovoltaic power generation project of electricity a year can satisfy ordinary 10 household electricity consumption in a year. "Green electricity" after interconnection, radiation to the station area of about 7000 households.

The project as a power full of Internet, enjoy the 1 yuan/KWH pv electricity price benchmarking low-voltage grid photovoltaic power station, in nanjing, the first. At the same time, the whole project from the photovoltaic panels laid to the final debugging grid in just nine days time, fastest in nanjing, the construction of distributed photovoltaic power station. Solar feed-in tariff benchmarking calculation according to the jiangsu region, the project investment recovery period of about 8.3 years. "Next, the province has the conditions of power substation is likely to be the promotion of photovoltaic power generation project".

Nanjing 145 photovoltaic power projects

It is understood that nanjing area belongs to the solar energy resources three regions, the annual average sunshine hours in 2300 hours, suitable for the construction of photovoltaic power generation project. "Since 2013, including enterprises and individuals, nanjing 145 items of photovoltaic power generation project, installed capacity of 73000 kilowatts, the total capacity of 70 million kilowatt-hours", nanjing power supply company Marketing Department is responsible for the related person.

Nanjing power supply company advised residents users, if you want to apply for personal power, has the property right best roof, roof for public to get the consent of the other tenants and property within the same building, and the roof have bearing ability, no other building block. Of course, if is the villa, the condition is advantageous.

Individuals with the roof conditions and buy the ability of power generation equipment, can apply for to the local power supply business hall. Applicants for distributed photovoltaic (pv) grid process for: individual users shall provide related certificate such as id, house property card, hu kou book, go to a local power supply business hall and apply for your company. After the application is successful, the power supply department will assign personnel to the user home exploration, and document access solutions, such as the user is determined, the user need, please have a class b or above in electric power industry, and new energy professional grade b or above design qualification of the unit to prepare the project application report and engineering design, at the same time also need to be issued by the competent administrative department for environmental protection of the environmental impact assessment documents for examination and approval opinions, requirements, and according to the government department to submit application for approval for instructions and electricity price subsidies to the local development and reform commission (NDRC), after they are approved, the user can only apply for interconnection. Such as the local power supply company self-built power generation device to the user after the success of the acceptance, both sides can sign the 购售 electrical contract and grid scheduling agreement, formally put into production.

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