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The national energy administration: new pv subsidy was implemented

The annual pv industry event kicks off again. Yesterday at the SNEC (2015) of the 9th international photovoltaic industry and pv engineering exhibition, the reporter understands, 2015 photovoltaic industry will mainly fine-tuning, perfecting the policy.

In SNEC2015 global pv financial summit, the national development and reform commission, the international cooperation center of the international energy research institute assistant Yuan Muran revealed that in 2015, the national energy administration policy of the photovoltaic industry will give priority to with fine-tuning and perfect. First of all, with construction, power plant quota allocation between different provinces; Second, pv subsidy problem will be solved, 2015 years after the implementation of basic can in the new project subsidy; Third, photovoltaic industry integration will according to the construction of "area" as an opportunity to blend into a variety of overall energy cooperation with other countries.

"According to the national development and reform commission before sending the letter, each enterprise has in the past few years project subsidies delinquencies on April 14, reported that the gap is not very big, the national development and reform commission, energy administration and the ministry of finance and other opened the joint conference, 2015 years after the funds in place can get very good solve the problem." Yuan Muran told reporters.

Photovoltaic full-year target to avoid last year less than expected situation from happening again, energy bureau previously issued the annual construction plan, targeted 4 provinces to be issued by the end of the month, at the end of July baseline schedule. Building materials in the international engineering group co., LTD. The new deputy energy minister Yin told reporters at the BBS gap, new rhythm quickened significantly this year, the annual target completion: no problem.

At the technical level, industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises are brought the latest technology. The world's largest polysilicon manufacturers poly (xin released the fourth generation product, polycrystalline S4 photovoltaic modules droop fell by 1% on average, 60 pieces of components increased power output more than 5.5 w. World's largest maker of components of trina solar with double glass Duomax components, attenuation in only 0.5%, 20% less than traditional components, at the same time filling back short service life, is expected to become the mainstream in the future.

In the financial level, asset securitization in order to reduce the cost of financing gradually become a consensus. Hong Kong silver rich holdings co., LTD., liu, chairman of the board, said the pv investment including development, construction and long-term holding, how capital structure more reasonable, the realization of asset securitization, there is a way to go, but this is the solution of industry development route for the long term. Reference of America's largest independent power suppliers listed Yieldco business model, A shares aikang technology has started to test the waters in the asset securitization.

In terms of business model innovation, golden concord integration, zhongtian new energy with "Internet +" clean energy community participation in the future. Before the new energy's richest man, Mr. Peng back with SPI sunshine power energy Internet companies, "green treasure" products, collection of individual investors of idle funds to participate in. "Online for 3 months, active users has reached ten." SPI, chief financial officer Liu Jing said yesterday.

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